Three Sisters ​Nixtamal





Our Three Sisters Nixtamal story begins with the Enchiladas Potosinas that Adriana's mother, a native of San Luis Potosi, would bring frozen in her suitcase on her annual summer visits.  

We teach a hands-on Tortilla, Sope & Gordita Making Workshop with our Fresh Masa.  Everyone will make and enjoy their own masa creations with beans, fresh salsas and locally-made Don Froylan Mexican cheeses. All recipes included.  

We are currently working on a new location to hold our classes. Nothing is currently scheduled.  Please check back soon!

​​We love Earthly Gourmet.  If you are a restaurant, catering company or grocery store you can contact them either via e-mail or phone  and hopefully work out a delivery!

We source certified organic yellow, white

and blue corn from small family farms in

the Northern Mexican state of  Chihuahua. 

Three Sisters Nixtamal Tortillas and Masa

are USDA Certified Organic by the Oregon

Department of Agriculture which by

definition means Non-GMO. Our tortillas are

gluten-free because they are 100% corn

with just two additional ingredients: water,

and limestone. We make them traditionally, 

with fresh nixtamal. There are no added

chemical preservatives or softening gums.

At Three Sisters Nixtamal we make our traditional organic corn tortillas and masa starting with our own fresh nixtamal. Cooking and soaking dried corn kernals in water and slaked lime or cal is a nutrient-enriching process... 

Buy In quantity directly from us 

If you would like to pick up fresh tortillas, hominy or masa for tortillas or tamales 

from us in Southeast Portland. 

Contact us by Sunday evening to make  arrangements for pick-up that week.

Direct Pick-up Pricing:

5# yellow or white masa or hominy   $12  

10# for $20-​

5# blue masa or hominy -$13, 10# for $22  
50 yellow or white tortillas(6")   $15-

50 street taco-size (4")   $12

50 blue tortillas (6")   $18-

50 street taco-size (4")  $14-

ORGANIC, gmo-free

& gluten-free

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