Three Sisters ​Nixtamal


At Three Sisters Nixtamal we make our traditional organic corn tortillas and masa starting with our own fresh nixtamal. Cooking and soaking dried corn kernals in water and slaked lime or cal is a nutrient-enriching process discovered over three thousand years ago by the Indigenous people inhabiting what is now southeast Mexico and Guatemala.  

Freshly nixtamalized corn not only makes delicious tortillas but the alkalinity from the cal softens the pericarp of the corn making it easier to grind and enabling our bodies to digest and absorb vitamins and minerals including calcium, protein, oils and vitamins B3(niacin), B1(thiamin), B5(pantothenic acid) and folate.

Our tortillas are made from 100% fresh corn masa made with three simple ingredients: whole dried corn, water, salt and lime(calcium hydroxide).  We do not add corn flour(maseca or masa harina) to our masa, do not irradiate our tortillas for shelf stability and never use chemical preservatives or guargum.

Our name, Three Sisters, originates from the symbiotic growing of maize, beans and squash practiced by Indigenous people throughout the Americas--- the bean vine grows around the corn stalk fixing the nitrogen to the soil while the squash provides a shady ground cover that locks in moisture and keeps weeds and insects at bay. These three sister crops, grown and eaten together, offer environmental sustainability and nutritional balance, the cornerstone of our company's values and philosophy.

With help from a farmer in New Mexico we proudly source our organic yellow, blue and white  corn from small family-owned farms across the border in the Northern Mexican state of  Chihuahua. our yellow and white are grown in Chihuahua, Mexico. Three Sisters Tortillas and masa are USDA Certified Organic by the Oregon Department of Agriculture which by definition means non-GMO. The qualities of dried corn vary throughout the year with the newly dried corn season beginning in the early fall as the dried corn is harvested, cleaned and delivered to us. We strive to find a consistently excellent quality throughout the year and have come to expect variations throughout the year.