1-pound fresh hominy

Water to cover by 1-inch

Bay Leaf if desired

Season with salt to taste


Our fresh hominy can be baked in a clay pot at 350 degrees for about one hour or simmered on the stove. The amount of cooking time depends on your preference on how soft you like it. 

This delicious and healthy hominy can be used for pozole, soups and salads.

Our hominy is not a traditional Pozolero corn but it plumps up nicely and is delicious. Hominy can also be added in any vegetable soup.  
We have made many variations on this recipe from Quick & Easy Mexican Cooking by Cecelia Hae-Jinn Lee:
We will add whatever is on hand: chile adobo, seasonal vegetables and garnishing with avocado, fried tortillas and of course, as the recipe calls for lots of lime and chopped onion.
If our fresh hominy is not available to you, try the dried from Rancho Gordo or perhaps even make your own as detailed in this Edible Pheonix article:

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