Learn from the Masters

The only ingredients in our masa, as with our tortillas, are organic corn, water and trace of lime. To make tamales you will need to add a fat and a flavorful stock. Below are the two recipes that we use.  We don’t typically make them with lard but with butter, olive oil that has been solidified in the refrigerator, or Nutiva palm and coconut shortening. We find fresh masa works well with a 1 to 5 ratio fat to dough with a flavorful stock whipped in so that it has a nice creamy consistency.


For those in the Portland area, we offer two types of masa for tamales. We make the finer tortilla masa, more typically steamed in banana leaves, and we offer the more commonly used drier fluffier masa that is ground coarser from corn cooked a little less.  The finer masa is available in most Co-ops and all of the New Seasons Markets.  Both types of masa can be ordered from us directly for pick-up from our production kitchen or farmers market.

More information on ordering for Portland pick-up is here

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